Here at our Physiotherapy clinic Dublin , one of the main complaints we receive from our patients is the common lower back pain problem.

If that is one of the main complaints, one of the main causes is bad posture. Nearly all of us go through life with bad posture – we slouch and slump all day every day whether it is in the office, school or at home.

KW Physio can treat Lower Back Pain Treatment . It’s a common problem and breaking bad habits can be really difficult. With a few changes you can minimize your overall risk of back pain quite easily. Here is a few tips how. Sit up tall with your back against the curve of the chair. By sitting tall you are accentuating the natural curve in your spine. When you slouch your back has to deal with an uneven distribution of weight which can cause back pain. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and place your knees a comfortable distance apart. This will further distribute the weight from your spine and can actually be quite comfortable. If needed you can tilt you chair back but make sure to keep the same position as before and try not to fall back into a slouch.

For more tips on posture or advice on similar injuries and conditions do not hesitate to call us on 01 462 5277. We are located in Dublin 24 and specialize in Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Pilates and much more. We have all base’s covered for your recovery, fitness and overall health. KW Physiotherapy Dublin serving you since 2010.

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