Sciatica is pain that originates from the sciatic nerves that run from one side of the pelvis through the hip and buttocks and down the leg.

It be triggered in many ways, for example by small, normal movements like bending over to tie your shoe laces at a bad angle or picking something up, as well as something more serious like falling from a height and landing on your back. If you do suffer from this condition we can help.

Physiotherapy is very effective in the treatment of Sciatica. Physiotherapy treatment here at KW Physio Dublin can relieve nerve root compression caused by fibrous scar tissue following a disc prolapse and can treat conditions related to compression of the sciatic nerve by other structures. Our Physiotherapy team will also aim to prevent further episodes of sciatic pain through informing you of correct postural techniques, and provide you with individualised exercises to correct any muscle imbalance in your spine. Call us to book your appointment now! KW Physiotherapy Dublin serving you since 2010.