With so many Marathons and Races taking place here in Dublin, you know injuries and pain complaints are naturally going to increase. There is always big build-up to any race but a lot of people actually forget to plan their recovery.

Post-race pain and stiff legs should naturally settle down after a couple of days. If this is not the case and you are still suffering, you can come to us for a physiotherapy assessment. Here at Kiltipper Woods Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Clinic Dublin we can help you get back to injury free training in the shortest time possible. Here are some tips for the treatment of your sports injury and how to try and avoid the need for physiotherapy in the first place.

1.      Perform a cooling down technique immediately paying particular attention to stretching (quads, hamstrings, etc)

2.      Try to keep moving which will help prevent soreness and stiffness

3.      Hydrate and eating a healthy meal will also help but avoid alcohol

4.      Getting into a pool within 24 hours and performing gentle stretches will aid your recovery. Our Hydrotherapy Pool is ideal!

5.      A deep sports massage within 72 hours can hugely help with tight muscles and stiff legs. If you are living in the Dublin area pop into us as and we can provide this service for you

These are just some tips to help you recover. For more information call us today. Serving the people of Dublin since 2010!