With the warmer weather arriving it means many sporting seasons are underway for the summer months so here are a few tips for injury prevention:

  1. Always warm up before undertaking exercise. Walk or jog to warm up your muscles and to gradually increase your heart rate.
  2. Stretch. Stretching helps improve circulation flexibility and helps with range of motion. Stretching also helps warm up muscles prior to exercise.
  3. Slowly increase time and tempo. Avoid going too hard to soon when it comes to exercising as you may overdo it and cause injury.
  4. Rest and recovery. It is important to listen to your body. Allow time to recover and avoid overtraining. 
  5. Use the correct equipment i.e. using the correct runners when out running, and the correct boots for sport example studs for soft ground and moulded boots for hard ground.
  6. Warm down. This allows your heart rate to slow down and for your muscles to get used to a slower place and will help reduce soreness after exercise.