At Kiltipper Woods we are a sports injury clinic offering Sports Physiotherapy that can be used as a healing process but also as a preventive measure. 

The demands of a sporting lifestyle are huge and injuries are a given and eventual a reality for most sports players at some point. This is the same for everyone, whether you are a Dublin footballer or a five a side astro turf player. The range of sports injuries remedied by physiotherapy is extensive but is primarily focused on the following pains and injuries:

Strains: Strains are/can be very painful but are usually short term. However, physiotherapy may be necessary but should be carried out after about 3 days; this gives time for the injury to settle. After this, one of our physiotherapist’s can massage the area or use precise exercises to encourage blood flow and muscle movement.

Muscle Tears: Usually a long term injury. We can help to manage the pain and increase strength and flexibility in the injured area by means of appropriate exercise’s and stretching.

Fractures: Once the process of healing has begun, physiotherapy may be used to build up muscle strength and restore nerve activity. Exercises and stretches will help to restore the affected area to the pre injury state but this can take a long time particularly if the break was complex. It should be noted that Hydrotherapy can speed up the recovery.

Muscular Pain: Most professional sports players have massages regularly, this aids in reducing tension and keeps the muscles in prime condition; This can also majorly reduce the possibility of injuries in the future.

Repetitive Strain Injuries: conditions such as “tennis elbow” or  “DeQuervain’s syndrome” may require physiotherapy, dry needling and so on; these treatments will aim to control and reduce pain and decrease the amount of swollen tissue surrounding the joint/injury.

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