Sports injuries usually result in severe pain, swelling and bruising and should be reviewed by your GP or one of our Chartered Physiotherapist’s at KW Physio Dublin.

Did you know for mild aches and pains you can apply the PRICE principles in the initial stages. However we do advise you contact us as soon as possible if you do suffer an injury for advice and treatment so we can get you back to full fitness in the shortest time possible.

P – Protect  the injured area e.g use crutches, protective bracing if appropriate

R – Rest the damaged area to avoid further injury

I – Ice the injured area for 5-10 minutes regularly within the first 2-3 days to minimise bleeding to damaged tissues and   reduce pain

C – Compress the injured area to resolve swelling and aid recovery

E – Elevate the injured area to prevent the accumulation of fluid

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