We are not only concerned with treating injuries but also preventing injuries. The health and well being of our patients is of upmost importance to us here at Kiltipper Woods Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Dublin 24.

A lot of our FAQ’s from the people of Dublin when they come to us for physiotherapy is how to help prevent injuries. One of the main things to help prevent injuries is having correct posture.  First of all, correct posture refers to the alignment and positioning  of the body and it is very important for our bodies to have correct posture to function correctly. It helps with breathing, evenly distributes body weight thus needing minimal effort from our muscles and helps prevent injuries such as back strain or a pulled muscle.

The most important step to correcting your posture is to be aware of your body. Shoulders should be pulled back with your head upright and not leaning forward. There should be a natural and healthy shape curve to your spine. This may feel uncomfortable at first but it will all come naturally. It will take time so be patient! If you are living in Dublin and don’t want physiotherapy in the future we also run a Pilates Class. Pilates will improve flexibility and help prevent strains associated with poor posture. For more information on this or any other issue call us today. Kw Physio serving the people of Dublin since 2010.