One of the main conditions and injuries we treat here in Dublin 24 are back strains and back pain. So for today’s Blog the tips will all be focused on the back.

We hope these tips can help prevent the people of Dublin and Ireland needing physiotherapy further down the line.

  1. When exercising always warm up. This is key for preventing all injuries!
  2. Always try to wear appropriate foot wear, flat shoes for example.
  3. When sitting for prolonged periods of time, take a couple of minutes to stretch.
  4. When lifting objects, bend your knees and hips. Lifting objects is one of the main causes of back injurys
  5. Back pain can affect your work, exercise and lifestyle. Go and see a doctor

Stay Tuned for more physiotherapy advice and tips in the near future!! Kiltipper Woods Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Clinic serving the people of Dublin since 2010.