Injuries are a part of life!! The following tips can help jump start the healing process and save the need for physiotherapy or at least aid in reducing the time spent here with us at Kiltipper Woods Physiotherapy Dublin.

  • After getting hurt or injured, the best thing you can do is not aggravate the injury any more. Make sure to rest and prtect the injury. Try not to put any pressure or weight on the area
  • While resting, try to elevate the injured area as often as possible. It is actually more effective to try and elevate the area that is injured higher than your heart.
  • After getting hurt/injured try to ice the area, this can stop excessive swelling but never place ice directly onto your skin. Try using a cloth for example.  This is usually only best for the first two days after the injury occurs. Ice the injured area for about 15 minutes then remove it for about 20 minutes. If swelling persists more than three days call one of our physiotherapists or a local orthopaedist.
  • Another tip to help decrease or reduce swelling is wrapping the injured area (bandage). Please note to not wrap the area too tightly as this can cause complications.
  • Last but not least our physiotherapists are here Monday to Friday to advise you on any concern you may have regarding your injury, do not hesitate to call, we are always here to help.

Need a Dublin Physio? Hopefully not with these tips!! Kiltipper Woods Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy therapy clinic serving the people of Dublin and Ireland since 2010.Check out the benefits of Physiytherapy