Obesity is a leading preventable cause of death and disease worldwide. Health risks associated with obesity include diabetes, hypertension, cancers, coronary heart disease, stroke, breathing issues and many more.

Physiotherapy provides a whole person approach to health and well being that includes the patient’s general lifestyle. Therefore, physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial to those who wish to lose weight.

It is really important to stay active. At least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity five days a week helps to keep your body and mind healthy. Take the stairs instead of the lift or why not try walking or cycling to work instead of driving. Small changes can make a big difference. The most effective way to lose weight is to eat healthy and be active regularly. People who include physical activity in their weight loss plan are more likely to keep the weight off, than people who focus on diet alone.

Our Physiotherapy team at Kiltipper Woods can provide Weight Loss Physiotherapy techniques to help you achieve your goals.
The patients will work closely with our charted physiotherapists and exercise specialists who will create programmes to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

At Kiltipper Woods Physio, we also offer Pilates classes on Wednesday from 7-8pm which can also be helpful when trying to lose weight.
If you have any questions or to make an appointment you can contact us anytime via email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or by phone.
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