It is the beginning of another college year and like any good student we are sure you have now settled into your surroundings and formulated an effective study plan!

Students cannot avoid sitting at desks for prolonged periods of time. Between attending lectures, completing course work and studying the hours add up quickly and can often take a toll on your body.

What can be avoided however is the position in which we sit. Students often lean or slouch in an effort to help them to focus or concentrate on computers or books. Sustaining incorrect posture over a long period of time can eventually lead to back pain.

In an effort to help you prevent back pain here are some tips to consider while you study this semester:
• Acknowledge your posture and make the corrections necessary to ensure you are sitting straight
• Sit up tall with your back against the curve of the chair. By sitting tall you are accentuating the natural curve in your spine
• Both of your feet should always be firmly placed on the ground
• Your head should always be in an upright position, change the position of the computer screen to eye level and use other books to prop the book you are reading into an appropriate position.
• If working on a PC the computer monitor should be an arms-length away, and the keyboard should be directly in front of you, so your arms are not over stretched and your wrists can remain on the desk while typing.
• It is important to take breaks every 45 minutes throughout the day, go for a short walk and get some fresh air, this will allow the muscles to stretch.
• Drink plenty of water 

If you are still suffering from Back Pain, it may be the case that there is underlying issue and studying is emphasising the pain. Why not get assessed by a Chartered Physiotherapist, which you can find here at Kiltipper Woods. We are located in Dublin 24 and specialize in Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Pilates and much more.