Welcome to another addition of a KW Physio Blog. For today’s blog we will provide information about Physiotherapy for knee pain and what we can do to help.

Knee pain can be caused by several different things (osteoarthritis for example), so we will provide an initial assessment on your first session to get to the bottom of it. Whatever the cause, exercise and keeping to a healthy weight can reduce symptoms. You can take painkillers to ease pain in the short term. Taking them before exercise can help you stay active without causing extra pain. After your first physiotherapy session we can also provide you with exercises you can do at home to help ease pain and prevent further symptoms and injuries. Physiotherapy at KW Physio Dublin can help you to manage your pain and improve your strength and flexibility.

One of our trained physiotherapist’s will provide a variety of treatments, help you understand your problem and get you back to your normal activities in the shortest time possible. Call us today for more information on 01-4625277 or click here for more information on the Physiotherapy we offer.